Vango Banshee 200

The Vango Banshee 200 is a great tent and has served me well on numerous solo expeditions, but the snug size of this two-man tent has meant getting pretty cosy with my mates at night. You got to keep warm somehow I suppose!

Waking up on Berneray

You can leave the inner attached to the fly after your first set-up, saving even more precious time the next time you come to pitch up. Erect with ease; slip your pole through the hole twice and peg it out. Bob's ya uncle! Easy to shift the tent around as well if you find you've missed a lump under the tent in your prime sleeping zone.

Vango's oversized store bags were a revelation for me. Shove it all in, tighten the toggle and roll down the top, packing down to a nice manageable size too.

Banshee packed down with the Traverse 40 rucksack

With great price comes a bit of compromise.

At 2.4kg, this tent isn't the lightest when used as a one man tent, but isn't so heavy it ruins your backpacking experience by having to heave too much extra weight around. The extra space when solo camping is potentially worth it though!

Waking to the sound of howling grey seals on Mile Beach in the Outer Hebrides
Camping on Berneray

Having spent two weeks wild camping in the Outer Hebrides with the Banshee, my only major concern was with the size of the pitched piece. To fit myself and my mascot cuddly owl into the tent was reasonably spacious, but with the rest of the kit, made for a bit of a squeeze. Made worse when it rained, and my gear and rucksack were damp. An issue that could easily be remedied with the gear expansion set or with a simple tarp, a piece of kit I now take with me everywhere I go.

I have since used this tent on trips with the odd companion. And as much as I love my mates, the cosiness would be far more enjoyable if my companion actually wanted to cuddle me.

Vango have made a few tweaks and released the newer Banshee Pro 200 that looks stronger and sturdier than the original at a similar weight and price.

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